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A snarky, supernatural slugfest: Cow-tipping the Minotaur. Sucker punching an Angel. Stealing Death’s horse. De-pantsing Ganesh. This wizard’s just getting started…

A city that doesn’t believe in magic. A weredragon invasion. Good thing this reckless playboy is a wizard… It’s been said that monsters cry when a good man goes to war. But they should run screaming like terrified school girls when that man is a wizard, and not necessarily good

A Wizard, an Angel, and a Horseman of the Apocalypse walk into a bar… The ancient pact between Mankind, Heaven, and Hell has been broken, and this upstart wizard’s quest for vengeance may have just kicked off Armageddon… So, time for a drink then. Maybe two…

A psychotic ginger vampire. A demonic rooster horse. The Brothers Grimm have broken free from their prison, and are thirsty for blood. This wizard learns that buying books can be deadly, and that his childhood Fairy Tales were not just stories, but dire warnings

Assassination contracts have a way of putting engagement plans on hold. Perhaps permanently, because the bloodthirsty Brothers Grimm take their work seriously, and it’s hard to have a wedding without a groom. No wonder guys are terrified of proposing…

I never thought I’d find myself at a crossroads, a pawn in a deadly game that I hadn’t known existed, willing to sell my soul to save the life of someone I loved… That’s when I learned true fear, because the world I thought I knew was all just smoke and mirrors…

Beast Master

What do you do for Thanksgiving Dinner when your guests are Death, an Angel, and a slew of other monsters? You have a nerf gun war, of course… But the Queens of Fae want to crash his party. And the Beast Master is abducting shifter children for a Monster Circus.


Final Lexy and IShayne is a man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery. In other words, a storyteller.

He currently writes the Nate Temple Supernatural Thriller Series, which features a foul-mouthed young wizard with a chip on his shoulder attempting to protect St. Louis from the various nasties we all know and fear from our childhood bedtime stories. Nate’s been known to suckerpunch an Angel, cow-tip the Minotaur, and steal Death’s horse in order to prove his point. His utter disregard for consequences and self-preservation will have you laughing and cringing on the edge of your seat.

Shayne holds two high-ranking black belts, and enjoys conversing about anything Marvel, Magical, or Mythological. You might find him writing in a coffee shop near you, cackling madly into his computer screen while pounding shots of espresso.

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